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Instant Pages in Chrome [VIDEO]

Description: With Instant Pages in Chrome, you can skip the extra seconds waiting for a page to load and get to the answers you're looking for faster with webpages that load instantly

New for your Orkut photos: Popularity counter!

Original post by Maira Nascimento, Software Engineer (from orkut blog)

Ever wonder how popular your photos are? Now you can know! 

There's a new feature in Orkut's photo albums that shows you how many times each photo has been viewed. Each and every one of your photos will have a counter, keeping accurate stats on its "popularity level". This number is refreshed every few minutes so you'll always know how many people have checked in on the photos you keep on Orkut. 

See a lot of hits? Keep the picture! No views? Maybe it's time for a new photo, or even a new album, to give your friends something new to look at. The Orkut photo album counter is a great new and dynamic way to see how much your friends enjoy you and your photography skills! 


Original post from MG Siegler (techcrunch) | link to source
If you haven't seen Google's new "Dear Sophie" video, I highly recommend you check it out. It's brilliant.
And watch closely.
At various points in the video, the Chrome browser in use reveals an unreleased product: a Google +1 extension. For the best view of it, skip to the 0:51 mark. There it is, front and center, next to the Picasa button being clicked on.

The funniest part of this is that Google is actually airing this video on national television as part of their new Chrome marketing push. So Google just leaked their own new feature to millions of people. Well, those watching very closely, at least.
So what does the extension do? Hard to say since they never actually click on it in the video. But one can assume that it's a simple way to +1 any site you're visiting. Google formally unveiled +1 about a month ago as a way to socially share Google Search results with friends — and to help Google rank those results with social juice.
I'm also wondering if the extension doesn't have more social functionality — such as a way to share a link on Twitter and other networks alongside +1′ing it. You may recall that as they were developing +1, we kept getting leaks about it. One of those was a +1 toolbar that was apparently a way to share with other social networks.
Google has also said that a +1 button is coming for publisher websites. But we haven't heard any more on that since the original announcement.
Anyway, a +1 Chrome extension is clearly on the way. And Google let us know about it either by way of a brilliant subliminal marketing move, or a big mistake in front of the entire American public.
Either way, great ad. +1, really.

New Twitter Home Page (Mostly like Facebook)

(cross post from

Have you checked out todays (20 April, 2011) Twiiter's home page. the page is mostly like home page, same like the login / signup box with world map at the background?

just check the below :)

Facebook Home Page

Twitter New Home Page

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Google TV for Kids!

Peter Sherman, (Marketing Team) says

We all love the holidays, but it's always a challenge to entertain the kids, especially when the excitement of gift giving has died down. A popular way to keep them occupied is in front of the TV, but this often leads to endless channel surfing, the occasional cry of "I'm bored," and a high likelihood that your kid will end up watching "whatever's on."

While we can't guarantee that your kid will choose to watch the most educational content every time (we're partial to YouTube EDU), we are sure you'll find that Google TV helps in many ways.

The least that Google TV can do is to end the era of mindless channel surfing. Using Google's search functionality, your kid (or my nephews) can find the show or movie they are looking for immediately, whether it's on TV or the web. A search for "Santa" just brought up 24 movies and 30 episodes on TV and services such as Amazon Video On Demand or Netflix. Once my nephews are through with those, we can get started on all the great Santa-related web videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and the rest

If your kids want truly interactive TV (who can blame them?), then Google TV can really help out. There are great websites optimized for the TV suited for the kits in our Spotlight Gallery. Some of the most kid friendly sites are:
  • MeeGenius: Read your kids beautifully illustrated books (a huge array of classics and more modern tales). You can customize some of the content to make it more personal and the app will then read the story out loud, with the relevant words highlighted on screen for you kids to follow along.

  • Fraboom: There is so much going on at Fraboom (from educational videos to games) that they are right to describe it as a museum. Look out for the battle against Baron Von Boredom.

  • PBSKids: A really simple interface means that kids can navigate around their favorite videos of PBS KIDS shows like Curious George and Dinosaur Train.

  • Cartoon Network: Quickly and easily find all your favorite shows from Cartoon Network.
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