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Gmail inbox free storage space is growing second by second. It was only about 1 year ago that Gmail used to offer a maximum of 2 GB inbox storage space but over time this limit has increased to a big fat 6 GB.

Gmail has a live javascript counter on its main homepage that shows you an estimate of your current free inbox storage space.

My research tells me that this live counter is adding more space to each Gmail account at a rate of approximately 40 bytes per second. Now if you have enough leisure time you can just do the math to calculate how much free storage space you will have in your Gmail inbox in the future or if you want to do things fast you can just follow the trick discovered by Tipsosaurus.

  • Go to (make sure you don’t login or if you are already logged in, simply logout)
  • Open Windows Calendar by double-clicking the date/time in system tray
  • Select a date in the future and click OK

Now see the live javascript counter, you will notice that it reflects the expected amount of free storage space in the future. This is not some magic rather its just that javascript does the math job for you on the fly.

This trick can also be used to see how much free storage space Gmail offered in the past. The only demerit of this trick is that it may or may not be accurate. It all depends on whether Gmail will ever change the rate at which it adds more space to a user’s account about which I have already mentioned earlier.

If you are confused about how to use all your Gmail inbox free storage space more effectively, please take a look at the Utilities to use Gmail space as Google Drive.


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