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Custom drive icons for USB drives

If you use multiple thumb drives on a regular basis, the TipMonkies weblog has an easy way to automatically assign a custom icon to each one when it's plugged into your PC.

Simply find an .ico file you want to use (favicons from websites work nicely).... name your .ico file autorun.ico and put it in the root of your drive then create a text file called autorun.inf in the root of the drive and put this inside it:


In this video I show you how to add custom icons to Flash drives.

Oh and yeah you can get .ICO files from deviant art, just click customisation then Icons then click on OS icons and then click on either MAC OS or windows.

I do believe that this will work on a MAC but then again I'm not too sure about it.

Oh and here is what you need to enter into notepad

icon= "name of icon here".ico

and then save that text document as a .inf file.

Oh and just to let you know I'm not sure if any other image file types will work with this I have tried jpg and BMP and they didn't work. I think PNG will work but I'm not too sure.

Make sure the autorun and icon file are not in any sub folders, and both files must be in the same place for this to work. You can also make a program start automatically using this but I tried that and couldn't do it.

This can also be done when burning a Data CD just make sure your burn the autorun and icon files onto it.


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