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Shortcuts in Gmail & Gtalk


/ Search
k Next (newer) Conversation
j Previous (older) Conversation
n Next Message
p Previous Message
o or <Enter> Open Conversation
Up (to conversation list or inbox). Also refreshes the

Archive. Removes message from inbox, but it is still

avaiable by search.
Select Conversation. Subsequent actions (such as archive

(y) will affect the entire conversation.)
s Star Message or Conversation
n Next Message
! Report Spam
r Reply
a Reply All
f Forward
<ESC> Escape From Input Field
! (shift+1) Report Spam
# (shift-+3) Trash Current Conversation (Rod sent me this one.)
<Tab> then <Enter> Send (from compose)
y then o Archive then Next Message
g then i Go to Inbox
g then a Go to All Mail Box
g then s Go to Starred Box
F9 Open Gmail to send an email to the current contact.
F11 It initiates a call with your selected contact.
F12 It cancels a call.
Esc It closes the current window.
Alt + F4 It closes the current window. (same effect with Ctrl+F4)
Alt + Esc It Minimize Gtalk windows one by one.
Windows + ESC Open Google Talk (if it's minimized, or in the tray)
Tab Switches to next opened gtalk window. (same effect with Ctrl+tab and Shift+tab)
Shift + Tab The same thing does that Tab but in reverse.

(The below 4 shortcuts works only for text field in Google talk main window to search contacts. I wonder who uses them? )

Ctrl + Shift + L Switch between points, numbers, letters, capital letters, roman numbers and capital roman numbers
Ctrl + E It centralizes the selected text, or the current line.
Ctrl + R It justifies to the right the selected text, or the current line.
Ctrl + L It justifies to the left the selected text, or the current line.

Some other Gtalk information :
1. You don’t have to say YES or NO when someone adds you. Simply ignore it and the request will go away.
2. A message can be 32767 characters long.
3. You can change your Gtalk chat name in Account Page.
(However there are some problems if you have intregated Gtalk with orkut. (Clich here to see)
4. Adding a web URL in custom message will result it to be clickable link.
5. Gtalk supports these following emotions and they transform in blue color.

:-| :-O :-x :-P :-D ;-) :-( :| :O :x :P :D :) :( ;-| ;-O ;-x ;-P ;-D ;-) ;-( ;| ;O ;x ;P ;D ;) ;( B-| B-O B-x B-P B-D B-) B-( B’( BO Bx BD B) B( B)


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