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Use Gtalk To Chat With Your MSN/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ Friends

Jabber is an open protocol, it bases on XML and it support other protocol such as AIM, ICQ and MSN Messenger. Windows Messenger, SMS and E-mail are also support.

gtalk bases on XMPP, XMPP bases on Jabber, Jabber support MSN protocol. Therefore, we can send message to MSN friends via gtalk.

How can we do that? just follow me...

1. First, we need to install a software, Psi. Psi is a Jabber Client. It take adventage of Jabber. you can download it here:

2. Make sure you close your Gtalk. Run Psi Jabber Client. Add your Gtalk account in "Account setup". Gtalk host is "", port number is "5223" for host.

3. Go online with this account, then click "services discovery" type "" in the address field. Click on Browse button, it will give you a list of services server such as AIM, ICQ and MSN. Please right click on MSN, select "register", then enter your MSN account and password.
There are some other Jabber servers:

Here is a full list of Jabber servers

4. Close Psi client. Run Gtalk. Now, you can chat with your MSN friend Of course, you can do that in Gmail talk as well. Psi can be uninstalled after this.

Wonderful, isn't it?


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