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If you got 100 new messages, how long would it take you to get through them all? An hour? Five minutes? How would you find the important ones, reply to the ones that require an immediate reply, and mark the ones that you needed to take care of later? Would you use stars, filters, keyboard shortcuts, labels? What about Gmail Labs like tasks or canned responses? 

Everybody has their own system for managing email, but some are definitely more efficient than others. Even if you only get a few messages a day, there are probably some simple things you can do to make it easier to get through your inbox and maybe even have a little fun along the way. We know time is valuable, so we asked lots of Googlers for their tips and tricks on how they make the most of Gmail, and we combined the best of these into a guide at, cheekily entitled "Become a Gmail Ninja." The tips are categorized into ninja belts (white, green, black and master ) based on how much mail you get each day.

For a handy reference that you can pin to your wall or keep on your desk, we even made a
printable version of the guide where all the tips fit on one page front and back. And for the first 1024 of you who want them, we'll send a limited-edition, laminated guide for free. Just fill out this form with your address. Sorry, we can only ship to addresses in the US. If you're not one of the lucky 1024, you can still buy a laminated guide at

If you're already a Gmail ninja and have your own tips you'd like to share, 
let us know and we'll add the best ones to the online guide. 


Gmail Ninja.. Are you Ninja enough?

Whoever said that those who are addicted to the net can't be ninjas will have to eat their words as Google makes it a possibility. Of course you wont be wielding a sword wearing that dark attire, rather using Google's new Tips area to practice and become a Gmail Ninja. The tips you have are categorized into four; White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Gmail Masterand you can quite guess the the expertise levels for each. The tips will help Gmail users gain expertise on the popular web based email service, which will help you learn every time saving trick and tip to be used on Gmail. You can download the PDF version or buy a laminated version for $1.25 and there is also a free laminated print to be given away for thefirst 1,024 users (U.S residents only). While the free giveaway must have already ended. But if you are really planning to master Gmail and boast about it this is something everyone should be visiting.
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What's beyond a Black Belt ? A Gmail Master?

In a post to the Official Gmail Blog a short time ago titled So, you want to be a Gmail ninja? ....
in a way I suppose only Google can do, the Gmail team introduced a new chart explaining the in's and outs of Gmail, which ... ugh .. allows you to rank yourself:

White Belt .. Green Belt .. Black Belt, or (have a seat?) .... Gmail Master!

From what we can tell, there is no bodily harm potential (IE: Kicking, quick movements, splitting bricks).

Just a good understanding of what you can do with a Gmail account.

You can 'peek' at the chart right here. (Note: It will open as a PDF) ... or .... you can order an (official) laminated one from for $1.25 US.

The 1024 freebies that Google offered earlier today are already gone. 
(Yeah, I know, bummer).

There's also a new online Gmail tip page just launched here.

I have a feeling we may see a few of the laminated babies floating around SMX East or the next Google get together ...

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