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New in GMail Contact's

Up until now, Gmail only supported some contact fields. Whenever someone imported their contacts from apps like Outlook and OS X Address Book, we used to put fields Gmail didn't recognize into the contact's notes section. Based on feedback from you, we added support for more contact fields (like birthday and website) and now store each of these fields separately, which makes syncing and round-tripping your data work better. We updated the standalone contact manager with this improvement last month and now it's available in Gmail too, with support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and Yahoo in CSV format, and OS X Address Book in vCard format.

With all your contact info in Gmail, you can access it from anywhere, sync your contacts to your mobile phone or other devices, and more easily collaborate on Google Docs and invitepeople to Calendar events. We're working hard to make Gmail contacts even more useful, so please keep the feedback coming.

Add read also | Bringing your contacts to the cloud May 12, 2009 )

Today, my contact information is spread across various programs and devices. Some contacts are on my phone, some in Outlook, some in OS X Address Book and some in my Gmail auto-complete. This makes it challenging to communicate and collaborate with my friends, family and coworkers.

Now you can import your contacts from common places, in common formats, and manage them online in Google Contacts. We've enhanced the recently launched standalone contact manager to support importing contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and Yahoo in CSV format, and OS X Address Book in vCard format. You can even add birthdays for all your contacts (a top user request).

With all your contact information in the cloud, you can view and manage your contacts by going to whether you're at an internet cafe, a friend's house or on your iPhone. In addition, having your contacts in Google Contacts allows you to easily sync them to mobile phones, email them from Gmail, share documents with them in Docs, invite them to Calendar events, tag them in Picasa and do lots of other cool things on various Google apps.

If your organization uses Google Apps, access the standalone contact manager by going to (replace "" with the domain name you use) instead.

One important note: these import and management improvements are only available in the standalone contact manager. We're working to make these improvements available in Gmail as soon as possible.



Did you know you can manage several email accounts in Gmail? Gmail gives you the benefit of their excellent spam filtering, managing multiple emails in one email program, and not having to re-install and import emails and contacts from your old computer when you get a new one. Not having to install my email program and import all of my emails and contacts alone is a good enough reason for me to use Gmail, but it also makes managing email easier.


Gmail's also added more fields to Contacts so importing them from other email programs like Outlook for smoother importing.


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