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Yahoo! aims Hotmail & Gmail

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Yahoo really wants to make sure it keeps people using its email service. It particularly wants to make sure it doesn't lose too many people to Google or Microsoft. 
Today on the Yahoo Mail blog, the company is reminding users that they can bring their Gmail and Hotmail accounts into Yahoo. 

"With our external accounts feature you can pull your emails from any service that supports the POP protocol into Yahoo!," says Yahoo Mail product manager Herbert Wang. "This functionality has been part of Yahoo! Mail for some time already, but we’ve recently added the ability to POP in your accounts from services that only allow SSL connections. If you tried setting this up in the past and were frustrated in your attempts, give it another try. If you haven’t tried this yet and would like to see all your emails in one place, we encourage you to set this up and make Yahoo! your one stop for email."
"To set this up, go into Mail Options and click on 'Accounts'. Then click 'Add Account' and specify the POP server for the respective service," he says. "If the email provider only supports SSL connections make sure to change the port number to 995."

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Yahoo is redesigning its email service all together as part of a project its calling "Minty". The publication says this is aimed at increasing speed of service in areas with slower connections. 

In the United States, Yahoo Mail has more users than Gmail and Hotmail combined, according to comScore.


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